Mobility Offerings


Mobility Offerings

SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) creates an ecosystem that allows businesses to improve its operations and get closer to the customer with minimal overhead and maximum reach. While each of the four technologies can impact a business individually, their convergence is proving to be a disruptive force that is creating entirely new business models for service providers. We at ICT Software Solutions build solutions that is more connective, colloborative, real time and productive.

Mobile Strategy & Consultation


  • Customer acquisiton and revenue
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Employee productivity and Colloboration


  • Operations cost

Application Development

Our deep technical expertise in the entire mobile eco system helps you to choose the right type of development approach for a particular engagement.
  • Sencha Touch:
    It is an HTML 5 mobile app framework for creating apps for several platforms including iOS, Android and Blackberry. It has been in existence for some years now and is popular among hybrid mobile application developers
  • Mobile Angular UI:
    It is an HTML 5 framework which uses bootstrap 3 and AngularJS to create interactive mobile apps.IBM Worklight to take advantage of Enterprise Mobility
  • User Experience:
    User experience is the key driver of mobile adoption and ultimately determines the application’s success. We recognize this and have invested in a dedicated usability team focused on UI / UX design and testing

Framework Architecture

Development Process With Angular JS
Development Process With Angular JS

Mobile Test Automation:

The phenomenal growth of mobile devices has opened up avenues for organizations to integrate them into computing environment. Today’s mobile applications deliver complex functionality on platforms that have limited resources for computing. Diversity presents unique challenges that require unique testing strategies

Platforms We Support

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows 8
  • HTML5 native / hybrid applications
  • Blackberry
Development Process With Angular JS

Porting Challenges

  • iOS code is written in Objective-C. Will end up with a Crappy code if there is a mapping between Objective C and the Java class used in Android. Can only copy the concept and not every piece of code.
  • Application to be compatible on multiple devices with different resolution and aspect ratio.
  • Different IDEs for iOS and Android.
  • Integration to Inn App Purchase – App Store Vs Google Play.
  • Different Code base for different platforms.

ICT Porting Solutions

IBM Worklight Features

  • Open, comprehensive, advanced platform for developing mobile enterprise applications for smartphones and tablets.
  • Works on open standards-based platform that leverages technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and Apache Cordova.
  • Helps organizations of all sizes efficiently develop, connect, run, and manage HTML5, hybrid, and native mobile applications.
  • Comprehensive development environment – Worklight Studio, mobile-optimized middleware – Worklight Server, and an integrated management and analytics Console, supported by a variety of security mechanisms.

Why IBM Worklight / Worklight-Server?

  • Write once, Deploy everywhere (iOS, Android, BB, Web).
  • Loosely coupled framework for the App to be compatible across variety of devices with different resolution and Aspect Ratios.
  • Worklight Server is designed to seamlessly integrate into the enterprise environment and leverage its existing resources and infrastructure.
  • Integrate with the existing security and authentication mechanisms of the organization.